Customer Service Policy


Opogo isa member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) in the UnitedKingdom and adheres to its Code of Professional Practice. At Opogo, weendeavour to provide you with the best possible service at all times.

Opogo takes all complaints seriously and is committed to continuous improvement. If Clients have a complaint, they should send this by email to Opogo will normally respond within one business day.

Opogo will investigate any matter referred and take appropriate action where necessary. If the complaint is regarding the performance, behavior or competence of an Educator (Sub), Opogo will investigate the matter and take proportionate action ranging from verbal and written feedback to suspension or termination of the Educator’s profile on the Platform and termination of anAssignment.

All recruitment consultants will be trained in customer service standards; will exhibit customer friendly service skills; and be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous in meeting the needs of our customers.


We Opogo will return all phone calls and emails received from clients and registered candidates and applications in respect of specific vacancies within agreed timescales. Where we are unable to meet this agreement, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and agree a new deadline. 


As part of our commitment to upholding professional standards, we will review our policies annually to ensure that they continue to meet business needs and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s Code of Professional Practice; and that they are consistently applied to all our customers.


Opogo seeks fair, just and prompt solutions when possible to any complaints and appeals. All such issues should be directed to the CEO Justyn Randall in the first instance, where they will be acknowledged and directed to the attention of the appropriate person. A complaints process is in place for any disputes; copies are available from our offices or via the Terms of Service.

Access to Information

We make every effort to comply with various international, state and federal laws concerning data privacy. Any personal or confidential information held by us about a School, or an Educator is fully accessible to that person or body for review or editing by contacting the CEO, Justyn Randall, at Opogo’s ‘Contact Us’ address or by sending an email to:

Customer Feedback

Wherever possible, always go above and beyond to extract feedback from our customers, both Schools and Educators. This information is vital in the growth of yourself and the business. It allows Opogo to measure performance, growth and area of improvement. 

Reduce Bureaucracy

Wherever possible, without compromising our legal requirements and professional standards we strive to reduce the burden of unnecessary paperwork.